I need help liquidating my dad's estate

What’s this stuff worth?  

What’s this stuff worth?  And what do I do with what I don’t want? And how do I approach this overwhelming task? Having good information makes tough decisions MUCH easier.

You want to know what your unwanted possessions are worth and your options for liquidation. Let us help you deal with the “Stuff” of an estate.


We can:

How can we help you?

As professional Estate Liquidators we devise the best plan for your unwanted possessions considering value, liquidation options and costs, and your timeframe.  We identify the best market, find the buyers with the deepest pockets, the fastest path to sell, and consider the selling costs, all to maximize your outcomes. Your time and energies are best spent making decisions.  Let us give you the information you need and the guidance and hands-on help.  Expertly, efficiently, respectfully, and with the goal of maximizing your outcomes and minimizing your stress.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Let us plan and execute a custom solution that works with your timetable. Or pick what you need from our menu of services.

Let’s talk, no charge. 

We can be your single point-of-contact to coordinate and manage all project details related to your move.

Whether it’s a loved one’s entire estate or what remains after a downsize or move, we’ll handle it – economically, respectfully and efficiently.

Want to lighten your load, declutter and create order?

If you’re moving within our service area, we can professionally pack your belongings and arrange for the move. If you’re moving OUT of our service area, we can source and coordinate with long-distance carriers.

We know stuff.  And what to do with it. 

We provide valuation services and professional personal property appraisal reports for a variety of situations.

What our clients are saying

Great experience with Donnelly's Estate Liquidation! They handled the complete clean out of my parents house when it was time for them to move and significantly "down-size". Donnelly's provided great value by understanding which items held value and could be sold, and which had no value -- a great time saver, and value generator. Overall, their services were very professional; they kept in touch regularly and made the clean out process very simple and affordable for a very big job! I only had to answer a few questions and make the decisions remotely. Strongly recommended services!

Brian Miller

My husband and I were extremely pleased with Donnelly Estate services. We had a very large home and four floors to " liquidate", Bridget took care of scheduling and overseeing several movers, disposing of unwanted items, selling what could be sold, and advising us on how to proceed. We received, I thought a very fair price. I continue to get checks from a consignment shop as items sell. All in all, a very successful outcome and quite frankly we couldn't have done it without her team.

Cheryl Handte

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