Keep Hustling to Keep Happy

An ever-present reminder of one of life’s little truths.  

In my kitchen hangs an ever-present reminder of one of life’s little truths.  I must walk past it a hundred times each day, but it still speaks to me.  It’s my rallying cry to myself, and to those I like to nudge:  Keep Hustling to Keep Happy.  

I found this sage counsel printed on a postcard from 1907, tucked in my mother’s glove compartment, when I cleaned out her car after she died.  She was the proprietor of an antique shop specializing in collectible paper, books, and postcards.  This card spoke to her – it was a keeper.  

My mother “kept hustling” every day of her life, pushing past the trauma of losing 2 young children.  Coping with the chaotic nature of my father’s antique business and managing a home where our belongings were sold out from under us because “we had a buyer.”  And my mother kept hustling despite the crippling pain of degenerative arthritis.

She kept hustling to keep focused on what brought her happiness – her family, her creative outlets, her friendships, and making a difference in the lives of others.   She modeled this truism:  don’t just sit there – do something.  And if happiness is to be, it’s up to me.

To me, “Hustling” means giving my all.  I admit it’s not 100% of the time, but when I do so, I’m happier, and so is everyone around me.   Hustling makes me a better mother, wife, and friend.  I hustle for our clients – I know they appreciate it.  I hustle in the pool so that I can better hustle on land.  And if I don’t hustle with 6 AM chow, my cats let me know.   

Isn’t it refreshing that such simple but sage advice from so long ago is still relevant today?

By Bridget Donnelly, Owner
Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, LLC
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Bridget Donnelly is the founder of Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, a Centre County, PA-based business that has helped hundreds of people cope with the stresses of downsizing, moving and shedding unwanted possessions.  Bridget is certified as a Senior Move Manager, Estate Liquidator and Personal Property Appraiser.  She’s happy to listen to your downsizing challenges:  email her at [email protected].

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