Helping Hands

Hands that you could count on

Today I walked past this shelf in my house and reflected on my mother’s collection of hand figures.   I always thought It was odd for her to collect these because her hands were so disfigured and painful because of her arthritis.   Maybe she longed for a pair of normal hands? Hands that were pretty and not fused and scarred.  Hands that could grasp a book without pain (she loved to read).  Hands that you could count on when you needed them (which is all the time).

My mother’s hands, the subject of many surgeries, slowed her down.  Yet she pushed past the pain to run a very successful antique book business, to cook amazing food, and to do crafts with and read to her grandkids.   She used those hands until she couldn’t.

I think these hands hold a message:  they remind me of the importance of our work as senior move managers and estate liquidators.  Of how often we’re working with folks who have physical limitations and can’t do the hands-on work of their own difficult transitions and situations.   

And so I’m grateful for hands.  And reminders.  And for our clients and the opportunity to be a helping hand!

By Bridget Donnelly, Owner
Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, LLC
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Bridget Donnelly is the founder of Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, a Centre County, PA-based business that has helped hundreds of people cope with the stresses of downsizing, moving and shedding unwanted possessions.  Bridget is certified as a Senior Move Manager, Estate Liquidator and Personal Property Appraiser.  She’s happy to listen to your downsizing challenges:  email her at [email protected].

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