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Your definitive resource to minimize the stresses of moving, dealing with an estate, and too much stuff.

Our Mission

Minimize your stress when it comes to transitions, deliver results & treat you like family along the way.

Our Process

Our process is simple: you make decisions and, if you’d like, we can do everything else.

Our Founders

Bridget Donnelly & Bill Gardner

Our Credentials

Meet Bridget Donnelly

Bridget comes by her passion honestly – helping others deal with their stuff. As the daughter of antique dealers, she tolerated an endless stream of treasures coursing through her home, which was downsized regularly to accommodate new finds. Her family moved frequently, but unconventionally – carload-by-carload. After her father sold the chandelier over the dining table during one Thanksgiving dinner, her mother resorted to placing “Not For Sale” stickers on the furnishings.

Upon graduation, Bridget took a traditional job in corporate marketing and advertising. She earned frequent promotions and was relocated around the US, via professional movers, into tidy, uncluttered apartments. She was very happy. 

Motherhood followed, then reinvention of the unlikeliest sorts: upon successfully liquidating her children’s accumulation of small plastic toys, Bridget found herself running her own antique shop, and designing custom furniture.

An opportunity to help a senior couple liquidate their art collection thrust Bridget into her current business. She closed her shop, earned her certifications as a Personal Property Appraiser, Senior Move Manager and Estate Liquidator and began helping others downsize, liquidate and cope with the stresses of moving.

Since 2008, Donnelly’s Estate Liquidation & Appraisal Services, LLC has been serving the needs of older adults in transition. Bridget’s background and experiences uniquely equip her to assist her clients with compassion and optimal results.

Bridget is a Pennsylvania State University (PSU) grad with a B.S. in marketing. She and Bill are fortunate to live in State College, PA. Bridget speaks frequently and has published numerous articles on topics related to downsizing and senior transitions.

Meet Bill Gardner

Bill is a minimalist by nature. But he’s also a patient, compassionate soul who understands that it’s difficult to let go of what you love, and that time and space can often be the crowbar to pry it all loose. Bill is also a stickler for detail and methodical in his approach to just about everything. All of which serves our clients well.

Bill’s extensive knowledge and experience in the moving industry and in customer service equip him to expertly plan, manage and execute moves, and to deal sensitively with clients stressed by the process. He is also the force behind our orderly, efficient and thorough liquidations. Bill is certified as an Estate Liquidator and Senior Move Manager.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Let us plan and execute a custom solution that works with your timetable. Or pick what you need from our menu of services.

Let’s talk, no charge. 

We can be your single point-of-contact to coordinate and manage all project details related to your move.

Whether it’s a loved one’s entire estate or what remains after a downsize or move, we’ll handle it – economically, respectfully and efficiently.

Want to lighten your load, declutter and create order? 

If you’re moving within our service area, we can professionally pack your belongings and arrange for the move. If you’re moving OUT of our service area, we can source and coordinate with long-distance carriers.

We know stuff.  And what to do with it. 

We provide valuation services and professional personal property appraisal reports for a variety of situations.

What our clients are saying

I was completely overwhelmed by the task of emptying my three story home and moving to another state after my husband's death.. To make matters worse, many of the things that I could no longer keep with me were family items that my children did not want or need. Bridget was incredible at guiding me through this process and making it happen. Thank you so much!

Linda Jordan

Excellent experience working with Donnelly's. They were very responsive to all questions and concerns. They communicated all scheduled work with me well in advance. Quality work. Would hire again.

Bob Karaffa

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